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White Rhino is first and foremost a family before it is a brand; we pride ourselves on building relationships and linking with loyal consumers all over the world.
We are a sustainable and environmentally responsible unisex brand. We believe feeling good should be effortless, so we've poured time into crafting a range that just fits. Made from Organic cotton, it's so comfortable you won't want to wear anything else.


Also, since we're out to make a difference, each sale gives back 20% to SaveTheRhino, helping them get the support that they need. If you're in the market for ethically made clothing and want to make a difference, we'd be sincerely grateful if you would like to follow our journey on social media, and we hope you join us on our path! Let’s make a change together as a family. #SaveTheRhino

Any purchase will also have 20% of the profit sent off to SaveTheRhino!

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